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The fourth edition of the Beyond the Bell Toolkit is updated to reflect changes in research and in the field, which has changed immensely over the last decade. As the work of afterschool and expanded learning programs has grown and matured, so too has Beyond the Bell.

The biggest change, we are happy to report, is in how the field has embraced quality standards and continuous improvement processes in a variety of ways—from self-assessments to coaching models—to help build a stronger awareness of (1) what a high-quality afterschool and expanded learning program is, and (2) how to move purposefully toward a higher level of quality. With that said, we have revised the Toolkit with an eye toward helping program leadership adopt a model of continuous improvement. 

In addition to the focus on continuous quality improvement, this edition of the Beyond the Bell Toolkit is intentionally grounded in a strengths-based approach to youth development principles and practices. The guidance, tools, and associated Beyond the Bell professional development services aim to capitalize on the strengths of staff members, young people, their families, and the community. 

Some other new and exciting topics covered in this edition of the Beyond the Bell Toolkit are:

•    Conducting a market analysis and identifying assets and needs 
•    Partnering with the school, families, and the community 
•    The Common Core State Standards and what they mean for afterschool and expanded learning 
•    Youth development principles and practices 
•    Updated communication strategies using social media 
•    Additional program types: creative arts, health and wellness, and personal and social skills 
•    Using your evaluation for continuous improvement 

The fourth edition contains 96 easy and ready-to-use tools. All tools are available in Word format for easy customization. You can access the tools through our free online portal and you also have the option to purchase a pre-loaded flash drive.