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Thank you for your interest in Beyond the Bell: A Toolkit for Creating Effective Afterschool and Expanded Learning Programs! Each month we are featuring one of the 96 ready-to-use tools from the fourth edition of Beyond the Bell. These tools will support your program management, design, implementation, and evaluation efforts and are useful whether you are a new or existing program. A new tool will be available each month so check back often! 

July 2014 – Setting Goals with Beyond the Bell 

Creating a strong program vision that is aligned with goals helps ensure that everyone in your program is working toward the same purpose. Tool 37: Goal Setting Worksheet will help you develop a set of overarching short- and long-term goals for your program and then identify action steps to meet them. Starting with the program vision statement (from Tool 36: Visioning Worksheet and Meeting Agenda), use the worksheet to identify goal areas and specific goals within those areas, then identify a timeline and activities to meet those goals. 

July, 2014
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Beyond the Bell | Tool 37 - Goal Setting Worksheet 1
Beyond the Bell | Tool 37 - Goal Setting Worksheet 2
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Tool 37: Goal Setting Worksheet
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