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Thank you for your interest in Beyond the Bell: A Toolkit for Creating Effective Afterschool and Expanded Learning Programs! Each month we are featuring one of the 96 ready-to-use tools from the fourth edition of Beyond the Bell. These tools will support your program management, design, implementation, and evaluation efforts and are useful whether you are a new or existing program. A new tool will be available each month so check back often!

Tool of the Month - October 2014

Professional development is an important part of efforts to retain staff and provide a high-quality program, and it is important to solicit staff member input on topics and to identify what staff members hope to get from the experience. You can use Tool 24: Staff Training Survey to do this; give it to your staff during the year to ensure that everyone feels supported, grows in his or her position, and has an opportunity to give feedback. For more information on professional development, check out pages 33–36 in Chapter 1: Management.

October, 2014
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Tool 24: Staff Training Survey
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