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The Beyond the Bell Toolkit may be used as a standalone resource. However, AIR also offers training on how to best use the information and associated tools. Our series of professional development opportunities is designed to help program leaders and staff implement practices in the Beyond the Bell Toolkit effectively.

Training Workshops

AIR offers training on specific topics or chapters in the Toolkit. Each training session is interactive and provides time for staff to interact with the information and tools in the Toolkit, as well as with each other. AIR trainers will facilitate activities, provide time for staff to reflect on the information learn, and lead staff through planning for implementing the new knowledge and skills into programming. 

Half-day ($2,000*)

Full-day ($2,500*)

  • Eight hours, including two 15-minute breaks and 30 minutes for lunch
  • Choice of one to three topics (click here to see a list of potential topics)
  • AIR staff will facilitate four to eight interactive activities using tools from the Toolkit.

Two-day ($3,600*)

  • Two 8-hour days, including two 15-minute breaks and 30 minutes for lunch each day
  • Choice of one to four topics (click here to see a list of potential topics)
  • AIR staff will facilitate eight to twelve interactive activities using tools from the Toolkit.

*Price does not include travel


Series: Getting It Off The Shelf ($4,500*)

A training series that is designed for new programs managers in their first few years of program management, Getting it Off the Shelf will build your confidence as a manager, address common challenges in afterschool programming, and support you in planning next steps for your program. The series includes 6 hours of self-directed online learning, 1 full-day workshop, and 2 half-day workshops.

Learn more about “Getting It Off The Shelf,” our Beyond the Bell training series


  • Six webinars correspond to each chapter in the Toolkit and introduce you to key topics. The webinars are self-directed so you can go at your own pace but should be completed before the in-person trainings.

Full-day training

This training is designed to cover a wide range of topics related to getting started with your program. This full day of training will introduce you to important concepts for developing and managing your program that will serve as a foundation for the next set of trainings in the series. Select one of the following options:

  • Getting Started – A Beginner’s Workshop for New Program Directors
  • Program Delivery – Creating a Program Plan, Developing Activities and Building Upon the Assets of Your Participants

Two half-day trainings

Once you have built a foundation of knowledge about program planning, these next two trainings are designed to go deep on important topics related to the overall management of your program and its evaluation and improvement. Select a topic from each section:

You may select from one of the following topics:

  • The Basics of Program Management – Budgets, Boards, and Business Plans
  • Staff Development – Building a Strong Team
  • Building Partnerships for Success

You may select from one of the following topics:

  • What Is a Quality Improvement System and What Can it do for My Program?
  • Moving from Quality Assessment to Quality Improvement
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Program Evaluation – the Basics

*Price does not include travel

Keynote and Other Speaking Engagements ($3,500)

Beyond the Bell authors and senior experts from AIR in afterschool and expanded learning are available to speak at conferences and other meetings.  The package price here does not include travel, but does include 1-2 planning phone calls, speaking time, and can include a small-group meeting or other follow-up session as long as it is scheduled on the same day as the speaking engagement. Please contact us by phone (312-283-2412), email (beyondthebell@air.org), or by using our online service request form to learn more.