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Online Learning Events ($750)

Looking for a more cost-effective way to train your staff? AIR staff will host and facilitate an online learning event (e.g.,webinar) for your staff. These events are 2.5 hours long and can accommodate up to 100 participants. As with in-person trainings, we strive to make these learning events an interactive experience, providing time for discussion among staff and personal reflection for applying the new knowledge and skills. Click here to see a list of potential topics.

Complimentary Webinars

In addition to customized webinars, AIR staff host the occasional free webinar on a variety of topics.This is a great way to begin exploring the Toolkit. Check out our upcoming events and go Beyond the Toolkit to access our pre-recorded webinars and view additional free resources. 

Please contact us by phone (312-283-2412), email (beyondthebell@air.org), or by using our online service request form to learn more.