Beyond the Bell Toolkit - 4th Edition
Tool 1: Defining Advisory Board Purpose
Tool 2: Partnership Planning Worksheet
Tool 3: Invitation for Advisory Board Member
Tool 4: Template for Advisory Board Agenda
Tool 5: Procedure Checklist
Tool 6: Sample Policies and Procedures Table of Contents
Tool 7: Tips for Developing Outreach and Marketing Materials
Tool 8: Sample Participant Enrollment Form
Tool 9: Participant Enrollment Confirmation to Family
Tool 10: Consent to Share Information
Tool 11: Participant Assent Form
Tool 12: Making Rules as a Team
Tool 13: Program Schedule
Tool 14: Portfolio Guide
Tool 15: Market Analysis
Tool 16: Grant-Writing Tips
Tool 17: Budget Worksheet
Tool 18: Calculation of In-Kind Contributions
Tool 19: Job Description for Program Staff
Tool 20: Job Description for Program Leader
Tool 21: Candidate Expertise Questionnaire
Tool 22: Sample Interview Questions
Tool 23: Professional Development Plan
Tool 24: Staff Training Survey
Tool 25: Developing as an Afterschool and Expanded Learning Professional
Tool 26: Self-Assessment of Effective Qualities
Tool 27: Staff Satisfaction Survey
Tool 28: Developing a Communication Strategy
Tool 29: Community Communication Survey
Tool 30: Communication Log
Tool 31: Communication Format Guidelines
Tool 32: Sample News Release
Tool 33: Communication Survey
Tool 34: Asset Mapping
Tool 35: Conducting a Needs Assessment
Tool 36: Visioning Worksheet and Meeting Agenda
Tool 37: Goal Setting Worksheet
Tool 38: Developing SMART Outcomes
Tool 39: Developing a Theory of Change
Tool 40: Logic Model Planning Tool
Tool 41: Program Plan Template
Tool 42: Summer Program Schedule
Tool 43: Sample Memorandum of Understanding
Tool 44: Template for Introductory Communication With Principals and School Staff
Tool 45: Shared Responsibility Worksheet for the Program Leader and Principal
Tool 46: Draft Agenda for Meeting With the Principal
Tool 47: Template for Communicating With School Staff
Tool 48: School Staff Meeting Topics
Tool 49: Identifying Program-School Alignment Opportunities
Tool 50: School Day Alignment Progression
Tool 51: Template for Field Trip Planning and Communication With School Staff Members
Tool 52: Field Trip Permission Form
Tool 53: Aligning With Learning Standards
Tool 54: Tips for Data-Sharing Agreements With School Partners
Tool 55: Family Engagement and Interest Survey
Tool 56: Volunteer Form
Tool 57: Template for Introductory Communication With Families
Tool 58: Identifying Potential Partnerships
Tool 59: Rating Worksheet for Potential Vendor Services
Tool 60: Involving Current and Potential Stakeholders
Tool 61: Community Connections
Tool 62: Professional Development Session on Youth Development
Tool 63: Youth Development Checklist
Tool 64: Sample Youth Satisfaction Survey
Tool 65: Decision Wheel
Tool 66: Activity Ideas for Creating a Warm and Welcoming Environment
Tool 67: Community-Building Activities for Staff Members
Tool 68: Recipe for Success
Tool 69: Peer Consultation Process
Tool 70: Structuring Activities for Skill-Building
Tool 71: Sample Activity Planner
Tool 72: Youth Preference Survey
Tool 73: Intentional Activities
Tool 74: Connections to Learning
Tool 75: Academic Enrichment Activity Planning Tool
Tool 76: Staff Development Tool on Recreational Activities
Tool 77: Assessment of Recreational Needs, Resources, and Space
Tool 78: Community Inventory for Service Learning
Tool 79: Service Learning Project Development
Tool 80: Homework Help Tool
Tool 81: Homework Sharing Tool
Tool 82: Tutoring Log
Tool 83: Determining Your Evaluation Purpose Worksheet
Tool 84: Indicators for Program Goals
Tool 85: Program Observation Tools
Tool 86: External Evaluator Questions and Worksheet
Tool 87: Tips for Developing and Administering Surveys
Tool 88: Tips for Running Good Focus Groups
Tool 89: Tips for Conducting Program Observations
Tool 90: Tips for Conducting Good Interviews
Tool 91: Data Discussions
Tool 92: Post-Evaluation Planning Tool
Tool 93: Evaluation Report Template
Tool 94: Sharing Evaluation Results
Tool 95: "Big Picture" Meeting Agenda
Tool 96: Continuous Improvement Reflection Tool